Terms Of Use

The agreement written in English language is the main agreement in case inconsistency with other translated version of this agreement.
Privacy policy:
Your privacy is very important for TOIL Company; as individual or company, the service provided to you based on your acceptance to share your resume, place, and other information you think it may help you to get or provide specific job. When you use our services, the information you provide include creating account, password, photo, E-mail, mobile number, location, experience, education, sharing , messaging, and communicating with others. We collect information about you and other users including frequency of log in, content you view, synchronizing your contact information, communication, rating given to you, duration of your activities; just for statistical evaluation. Additionally, we collect information about phones, computers, and other devices that the users used to access our services (i.e. operating systems, hardware, locations, language, time zone, and IP address). We collect information when users use our services either website or application via third party e.g. advertising for TOIL Company on other web pages or applications. In case of legal requests, we can access your information based on court order following the national/ international laws.
We will notify you when you change policy and give you chance to review, “refuse or accept”, and comment about it before using our services.
Cookies are small files used to recall user information in web browser. We use cookies to improve our services to provide you with materials and advertisements that you are interested in as well as enhance the security.
1. Intellectual Property Rights
The TOIL Company website and Application can allow viewing the material contained on it with ability to create/ modify/ delete account and use the services according to policy of TOIL Company. The Contents (any audio, video, text, images or other material you display on this Website or application) User declare that the contents are/ is sub licensable license to use and he held legal responsibility for violating Intellectual property rights. The TOIL company has right to remove any contents violating rights without notice or permission.
2. Limitation of liability
At all time, no any member of TOIL Company does not held liable for anything occur as result of or any issues related to use of TOIL Company’s website or application.
3. Indemnification
The TOIL Company have rights to sues and receive indemnify from and against any and/or all costs, liabilities, causes of action, expenses and damaging occur as a result of or in any case related to violation of any of the provisions of the Terms. In case of presence of any of these Terms; invalid under any applicable law: the term should be removed without affecting the remaining provisions.

4. Safety
TOIL Company tries the best to provide the best safety for users; we are looking for your help to increase TOIL website and application safety by following your responsibilities. Those responsibilities include and not limited to the following:
I. Avoid uploading viruses or malicious files.
II. Keep your log in and password secret and not sharing with others.
III. Never harass, or frighten any user.
IV. Never sending or sharing unethical materials (i.e. pornographic, violence, or nudity).
V. Never use TOIL websites or application for anything against law.
VI. Never facilitate any violation to national/ international law.
VII. Not provide false personal information or use others information to create account.
VIII. Keep your account updates regularly.